In every hotel, a TV is an important contribution to a homey feel. That sounds logical and simple,
however that is not the case. Radio Fortuin is specialized in installing and setting up hotel televisions.
We have done this for many years at the request of many partners, among which Hospitality TV Solutions,
Acentic, Otrum and Tascan . Our flexibility enables us to come up with a suitable solution
for your hotel.brooklyn

Due to our many years of experience, we are aware that discretion is very important within the hotel
business, as we do not want to disturb your guests.

We do not personally sell hotel TV’s, but instead we are specialized in the placement and installation
of TV’s.

From the moment your hotel opens or re-opens, we can guide and/or advise you on the concept of
placing/installing TV’s through logistics.

Throughout the installation we make use of our own personnel, however upon request we can do
this in combination with your personnel. After installation we can also train your personnel for future
purposes e.g. being able to solve possible problems themselves.


We will also inform you about the latest developments in used antenna cables, network cables and
installation equipment. In the recent years, there have been constant developments in used building
equipment, safety, and dust-free drilling.

Our personnel are in possession of a VCA certificate, and have been certified by several
manufacturers among which Philips TP-Vision, LG and Samsung.

We follow all trainings and developments and are often asked by the manufacturers to install new
and/or improved software on location.